Structured Wiring

Are you building or remodeling your home? The best time to have any kind of wiring done is before the sheetrock goes up. Consideration should go into the safety, needs and convenience of your family, as well as the potential resale value of your home.

Wire is the life of any modern home. Without it stereos fall silent, TV screens are blank, and lights sit in darkness. Electrical wiring brings power to these and other household components, but there are other types of “low voltage” wiring that are just as important to the functionality of any home.

When the walls of a home hold ample amounts of low-voltage wiring, the house is basically ready for anything; music, video, computers, high-speed internet, automation, motion sensors and more. Rooms such as an unfinished basement or a guest bedroom become prime real estate for a future home theater or home office. Remodeling? Turning an unused guest bedroom into a mini theater is a piece of cake when the right wire resides behind the walls.